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A collage showing a baby in a rainhat scrunching its face up at the rain splashing on its head and into its eyes. The rain is seen to be made up of pieces of unsolicited advice


Spooniehacker is an indie online magazine for all genders launched in 2018, created by and for chronically ill, disabled and neurodiverse people.

The magazine has been on semi-hiatus for most of 2020 due to low spoons, but we still publish occasional new pieces. You can contact Spooniehacker’s editor, Aly, by emailing aly@spooniehacker.com.

Spooniehacker aims to bridge the gap between mainstream media and the online chronic illness community. It’s a platform where we can celebrate and learn from each other, while rewriting some of the common stories about chronic illness and disability that exist in the mainstream. Also, it aims to get us all paid for our work.

Why ‘Spooniehacker’?

Spooniehackers are chronically ill and disabled people who are hacking all kinds of systems (including their own bodies) to live their lives in their own ways.

The word ‘spoonie’, comes from Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory. Combined with the idea of ‘life hacks’, the name Spooniehacker represents the idea that chronically ill and disabled people are the ultimate lifehackers, inventing unique ways of surviving and thriving in an often inaccessible and stigmatising world.

The Spooniehacker team

Spooniehacker was launched by Aly and Emily, two chronically ill journalists who missed making magazines, and wanted to produce something that spoke to their lives and experiences, that they could do from their beds and around their symptoms. Emily now runs eco-blog Grow Eat Gift.

Want to support us?

If you’re sick, disabled and/or neurodiverse, and would like to contribute to the magazine, check out our contributors’ page.

When the magazine launched in autumn 2018 we hoped to be funded through a combination of donations, grants and affiliate links. However, due to reduced available spoons, this has not been possible. We currently run at a loss and are looking at the best way of moving forward for the benefit of the UK disability community, without bankrupting the team! Anyone who would be interested in working with us to make Spooniehacker self-sustaining, please get in touch.

You can make donations via our Paypal accountbuy us a coffee via Ko-Fi, or browse our Bookshop UK store for tailored spoonie book recommendations. Every book you buy this way gives us a small donation and supports indie bookshops too. All donations are used to pay disabled people for their work – including £1 to Christine Miserandino’s crowdfunder every time we make a contributor payment.

Our accountant is Arian Bloodwood and we highly recommend them if you are an ethical business or sole trader in the UK!