Spooniehacker is a new independent online magazine about life and love in chronic illness.

It’s a ‘lifestyle’ magazine for all genders that aims to bridge the gap between mainstream media and the online chronic illness community.

Spooniehackers are chronically ill people who are hacking all kinds of systems (including their own bodies) to live their lives in their own ways.

The term combines the word ‘spoonie’, which comes from Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory, and the idea of ‘life hacks’. It represents the idea that chronically ill and disabled people are the ultimate lifehackers, inventing unique ways of surviving and thriving in an often inaccessible and stigmatising world.

Spooniehacker is a platform where we can celebrate and learn from each other, while rewriting some of the common stories about chronic illness and disability that exist in the mainstream. Also, it aims to get us all paid for our work.

The Spooniehacker team

Spooniehacker was launched by Aly and Emily, two chronically ill journalists who really missed making magazines, and wanted to produce something that spoke to their lives and experiences, that they could do from their beds and around their symptoms. Emily runs eco-blog Grow Eat Gift.

What does Spooniehacker cover?

Spoonie life

We write about chronically ill and disabled people who are ‘hacking’ all kinds of systems in order to live their lives in their own ways. We create a platform to promote their work and learn from them.

Arts and culture

If it’s created by or for chronically ill and disabled people, we want to write about it. And if it’s not, we want to talk about it (and maybe critique it) from our unique perspectives.

Society and politics

Aiming to create a bridge between mainstream media and chronic illness community, we challenge common assumptions about who becomes chronically ill and why, always using accessible language.

We write about the full range of social and political topics from a spoonie perspective.


We honestly review books, films, holidays, technology, alternative therapies, health aids and treatments… anything that might be useful and enlightening for chronically ill people.

…and everything else

Chronically ill people find ways to keep living and loving, whatever symptoms, prejudices and other challenges they are facing. We cover sex and relationships, style, health, travel and anything else you’d see in a non-disabled lifestyle magazine.

Want to support us?

If you’re chronically ill (people with other disabilities welcome too), and would like to contribute to the magazine, check out our contributors’ page.

We expect to be funded mainly by donations, so we would massively appreciate signups to our Patreon (which comes with perks) or donations via our Paypal account. Every penny we receive by these means will be used to pay chronically ill and disabled people for their work – including £1 to Christine Miserandino’s crowdfunder every time we make a contributor payment.

Spooniehacker is not-for-profit and we are currently looking at the best way to operate, whether as a Community Interest Company, charity or other structure, and expect to have this finalised in 2019. Our accountant is Arian Bloodwood and we highly recommend them if you are an ethical business or sole trader in the UK!