Three panel from a cartoon (full cartoon description in body)

We publish articles and artwork by people who identify as spoonies*, neurodiverse, disabled, and/or who have energy-limiting chronic illness (ELCI). We publish original reporting on both issues specific to sickness and disability, and general topics from disabled/sick perspectives. Example areas: sex and relationships; family life; politics; culture; travel; business; health; spoonie community. We pay £30 per feature, 500-1000 words. Examples: this piece on ablesplaining and this one on moving back in with your parents.

Plus we are always looking for pieces for the following sections:


Spooniehacks (i.e. lifehacks) – tips and personal stories about managing symptoms or difficult people and situations related to your health – like this one on managing winter pain flares when you’re poor.


Educating non-disabled people so individual spoonies don’t have to, like when we all shared the things we wish we could tell our family and friends about chronic illness.


Gorgeous things to buy from disabled creators. Photoshoots of amazing ill people looking cute as all hell. Get in touch and we’ll discuss.


We’re building a pool of people with a range of different conditions and impairments to review products, services, films, music, books and events. We pay £10 per review plus the item. Get in touch to put yourself forward. Currently we particularly want people to review health apps like this one.

We rarely commission pieces that consist purely of personal opinion or experience. However, if you have a unique personal take on a trending topic, we’re interested in that, like this piece on the ‘Bird Box Challenge’.

How to pitch

Email us with a brief outline of the piece you’d like to write. We need a working title and a few paragraphs outlining the main points you would cover (not the whole article), plus which sources of info you would use. We do not use work that has already been published elsewhere. We also need a bit of info about you and links to any of your other work. Send pitch emails to aly [at] spooniehacker [dot] com.

For more guidance on successful pitching, we recommend this article by Journo Resources.

To pitch artwork, video or anything else that’s not text (here’s an example), please email us with some info about yourself and what you’d like to create for us (we can’t wait to hear from you).

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please email us before pitching.


*If you’re not sure if you’re a spoonie, check out The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino. If it reflects your day-to-day life, welcome to the spoonie community!